Improving sleep improves people’s lives.
It is our passion.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to help you find a solution for better sleep. We take the time our patients need; we listen to them and work with them to develop a solution for their needs.

Meet Dr. Chimoskey

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Chimoskey is a sleep medicine specialist with over twenty years of medical experience. Dr. Chimoskey attended the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed his Family Medicine and Sleep Medicine training at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Chimoskey is double board-certified in Family Medicine and Sleep Medicine. Dr Chimoskey practiced Family Medicine for the first ten years of his career and has practiced sleep medicine for the second ten years. His background in primary care has made him comfortable in caring for both adults and children and those with complex medical conditions as well as any and all sleep disorders.

Dr. Chimoskey uses an integrative and holistic approach that combines traditional allopathic sleep medicine, otolaryngology, dental medicine, psychology and complementary therapies such acupuncture and relaxation techniques to thoroughly address each person’s sleep issues. Dr. Chimoskey works with specialists in all of these fields to help tailor an individual treatment plan for each patient.

Care Philosophy

Dr. Chimoskey is passionate about sleep medicine because improving a patient’s sleep can create a very positive effect in that person’s life. Good sleep has been shown to improve quality of life, health, a sense of wellness, performance in athletics, work productivity and other professional endeavors such as leadership, improved memory, knowledge acquisition and learning. The flipside is true as well, poor sleep and sleep deprivation increases the risk of medical problems like cancer, depression and heart disease. Poor sleep and sleep deprivation deteriorates mood and affect, decreases performance, reduces job satisfaction and increases accidents, absenteeism and other work problems.

Dr. Chimoskey is an avid athlete and loves skiing, tennis hiking and all kinds of outside activities. He has a special interest in how sleep affects performance in both elite athletes and weekend warriors like himself. 

We Are AASM Accredited

The AASM is the premier, nationally recognized organization of sleep medicine accreditation, ensuring the highest quality,
evidence-based sleep medicine care.