Wellness Partners

Sleep affects the mind and body, and sleep medicine requires a multidisciplinary approach. While the foundation at NeoSleep® is traditional, allopathic sleep medicine, we are ready to help coordinate resources in otolaryngology, dentistry, and psychology and if necessary for the patient’s treatment plan. We also have resources in complementary disciplines such as acupuncture, meditation and […]

Home Sleep Testing

Call Our Office & Schedule An Appointment Complete Our HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms Have A Telehealth Appointment With Dr. Chimoskey Take The Home Sleep Test At Your Home Return The Home Sleep Test Have A Follow-Up Telehealth Appointment A comprehensive sleep evaluation in the comfort of your home. At Neosleep, we offer an AASM accredited sleep […]

Insomnia Evaluation and Treatment

Insomnia is characterized by the inability to fall or stay asleep or both. Insomnia can be associated with anxiety and depression, decreased quality of life and can cause problems with work and school performance.  The mainstay of treatments for insomnia is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We also recommend complementary approaches including exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation and […]

Sleep Apnea Evaluation and Treatment

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which the muscles in the throat relax to the point of collapse, restricting airflow. This causes breathing to become shallow or even stop for seconds or minutes at a time, depriving the body and brain of oxygen. The lack of deep sleep can cause significant fatigue and elevate the […]

Sleep Medicine Consultation

Dr. Chimoskey is a fellowship trained, board certified sleep medicine physician who will provide a comprehensive evaluation for pediatric and adult patients with any sleep disorder. We deal with the full spectrum of sleep disorders, from insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and jet lag to less common problems such as limb movement disorders and narcolepsy.